Enter the Light Strike Arena

Light Strike Arena

Meet James Connor. He’s a rookie in the Light Strike Arena league, the biggest competition that’s ever existed. Itʼs a secret competitive league that happens every day in empty warehouses, parks and rooftops all over the world – where teams of players come up with strategies for how to use Light Strike Strikers to engage each other in combat to see who the best players are.

As we follow him, we learn the rules and strategies to Light Strike, uncover the deeper secrets behind the Arena, and learn what it takes to be a champion in the hottest competition anywhere. Start with the video below and choose the direction of the story at the end of each scene. Be on the lookout for links to other pieces of the Light Strike Arena story.

Ready? OK, now enter the Arena…

Watch the product demo and check out the armory at LightStrike.com.

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