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Light Strike Arena

Meet James Connor. He’s a rookie in the Light Strike Arena league, the biggest competition that’s ever existed. Itʼs a secret competitive league that happens every day in empty warehouses, parks and rooftops all over the world – where teams of players come up with strategies for how to use Light Strike Strikers to engage each other in combat to see who the best players are.

As we follow him, we learn the rules and strategies to Light Strike, uncover the deeper secrets behind the Arena, and learn what it takes to be a champion in the hottest competition anywhere. Start with the video below and choose the direction of the story at the end of each scene. Be on the lookout for links to other pieces of the Light Strike Arena story.

Ready? OK, now enter the Arena…

Watch the product demo and check out the armory at

Light Strike brings video-game action into the real world—live and in color. Conquer individual challenges, play one-on-one or create the ultimate Light Strike battle with up to four teams of unlimited players. It’s action at the speed of light™. Here’s a demo video showing how it works…

Look for Light Strike Assault Strikers, attachments, Strikers, and targets at stores everywhere.

To watch other action-packed Light Strike videos visit the Light Strike YouTube channel.

Take projection out of boardrooms and movie theaters and into any room. Draw on the wall (without really drawing on the wall)…

Cinemin Slice is a portable pico projector that lovingly cradles and connects to your favorite multimedia devices, splashing your movies, videos, photos, games, and slides on to walls and ceilings, and caressing these enlarged images with rich stereo sound. Buy one now at WowWee Tech Shop.

WowWee toys have been winning awards and garnering high rankings all around the world this year. Here are some of the accolades that Lite Sprites, Light Strike and Paper Jamz have recently received…

Lite Sprites

  • 2011 Hot 20 Toys List – Toy Insider
  • Hottest Toys of 2011 – CNN
  • 2011 Top Toys Wish List –
  • Most Wanted Toy List 2011 – Time to Play
  • 2011 Toy of the Year – Belgium
  • 2011 KidExpo Grand Prize – France
  • Prix KIDEXPO 2011 – Selected as Toy of the Year by 300 kids
  • 2011 Hot 20 Toys List – Toy Insider
  • 2011 Top Toys Wish List -

Paper Jamz

  • 2010 Toyology Gold Award – UK
  • 2010 Grand Prix of Toys – Toy of the Year France (Grand Prix du Jouet de l’année)
  • 2010 Nuremberg Toy Fair Innovation Award

Visit the awards archives at for a complete list including past products like Robosapien, Alive Baby Animals and FlyTech Dragonfly.

ABC’s Good Morning America and Ark Music Factory‘s teen protege Lexi St. George, who GMA launched on its “One Week to Hit it Big: Pop Star” series, has landed her first commercial deal. The Palmdale, CA teen now appears in TV ads for WowWee’s Paper Jamz Pro Jam Series Microphone. The ads feature Lexi and her debut single and video “Dancing to the Rhythm.”

Lexi St. George in the Paper Jamz Pro Mic Commercial Shoot

“We were impressed by Lexi’s talent, her sincerity, innocence and her fresh, wholesome approach as she’s been catapulted up the star ladder,” says Marc Rosenberg, spokesman of WowWee USA, Inc. “She’s ideal for the new Paper Jamz line—a girl who nurtured her dream from singing with a hairbrush to a national TV debut.”

“I’m speechless with gratitude,” Lexi adds. “This whole experience has been so overwhelming and humbling. I thank WowWee for choosing me to make my commercial debut with the Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic!”

The Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone helps kids of all ages sing like a pro. Users transfer popular tunes—hundreds to choose from today directly—from their existing music files onto their Pro Microphones. Onboard controls offer the vocalist “perfect pitch,” chorus, harmony, vibrato and other vocal effects, which are played back through the Mic’s own speaker. The Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone MSRP is $29.99 and is available now.

We’re looking forward to sharing with you an exciting range of product profiles, behind-the-scenes secrets, interesting trivia, cool reviews and much more.

Stay tuned.

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