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Happy Monday!

An eventful weekend is just ahead of us with US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and finally Cyber Monday.

Will you be joining the masses to get some of your holiday shopping out of the way?

Here’s a quick Light Strike review we saw over the weekend that might help your decision process.

If you happen to brave the malls this weekend, be sure to pack your elbow pads!

“I could talk about these for ages as they are all flashy lights, fabulous sound systems and the only thing we were missing to make it a fully fledged laser tag type set up was the jackets. I can see the jackets being on the Xmas list this year. The boys were over the moon to be playing with this set, and I don’t blame them. Flashing lights, pretend guns and safe targets lets them play at superheroes and cops and robbers all day.”


Scottish Mum Blog

Have you checked out the Light Strike Arena interactive video series? If so, you’ll want to visit the Vault, a sort of library for found items relating to the tournament. You’ll find event posters, letters from the league, news clippings, tactical field guides, and the voice diaries of Connor and Magnificent. Lots of tips and hints to be found here.

LSA Program

LSA Magnificent

Other Light Strike Arena artifacts – including behind-the-scenes pictures – can also be found at the Light Strike Facebook Page.

It seems to be a universal human instinct. Young and old, everybody immediately knows what to do with a guitar. And everybody naturally wants to show off their rock moves. We’ve collected hundreds of videos posted to YouTube of Paper Jamz users transforming into instant rockstars. Enjoy!

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