Design Concepts: Roboraptor™ Sketches and Early Inspiration

One of our super-talented toy designers (Benny) gave us the inside-scoop on some of his sketch books dating back several years.

What we found inside these gems was a mix of product concepts, toy design ideas, character sketches and loads of fun drawings. Let’s just say that we ended up taking a good afternoon flipping through them in awe.

It’s time like this I wish I could draw more than a stick-figure and accompanying smiley face.  :D->-<

Anyways, enough about my lack of design talent, take a look below at Benny and the team’s inspiration for Roboraptor™.

From the man himself:

“Our inspiration was based on the ‘cool factor’ of a T-REX and Velociraptor and the robotic enhancements that could make it that much more intimidating. So, we took a predatory dinosaur shape and infused it with a robotic metal skeleton. Ultimately, we wanted to create a bionic dinosaur (think the Terminator of dinosaurs), by adding elements of technology while maintaining the fierce nature of this prehistoric beast.”

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