Light Strike vs LTX – Pure Opinion

If you’re looking for a cool tagging system this holiday season, we understand that it may be difficult to judge between options.

As such, when we found a fantastic rundown of both laser tag systems from Skurj – a well-known tagger – we had to share.

Here’s his conclusion:

This LTX vs Light Strike stuff is unsurprisingly just like every other subjective matter of opinion. Just like H&K vs Glock or like Honda vs Toyota. People will tend to prefer what they already have, rationalizing their purchase or their judgement or whatever. The good news is these are toys. They don’t need to protect our lives or support our livelihoods in any way. They just need to be fun, and both of these systems are super fun.

Check out the full blog post from The Hive Mind.

Happy tagging!

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  1. Skurj here.

    First of all thank you for pointing to my comparison article, I did my best to report fairly and without bias.

    Secondly, I would like to make a special request of the good people at Wowee. If you develop or are developing a second generation of light strike toys, I would love to give you some honest input to make it a better system.

    I would also love to review any new laser tag products you may be releasing on my blog. Not cause I’m looking for free stuff, but I think it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement. I would attract more readers to my site and you would get a little extra publicity from someone whose opinions hold weight in the tagging community.

    I anticipate your correspondence with much interest.


    • Hey Samuel,

      Thanks for reaching out! Your review was quite in-depth and we enjoyed your approach.

      We always like feedback from the community. Without this, the product won’t be as good as it can be – and we’re striving for a great product.

      We’ll definitely get in touch once we know where we’re headed with the Light Strike line.

      Thanks again and happy new year!

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