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File this under the ‘oldie but a goodie’ category.

Two Femisapiens face off in a battle of sabre skill and agility.

Although the engagement rules of fencing did not seem to apply to these two, the outcome was fun (and a tad ridiculous).

This also begs the question; where did those custom fencing masks and sabres come from?!?

In late October, Microsoft released their version of the future of our daily lives, complete with a major integration of technology (obviously).

Think seamless connection of content, real-time sharing across continents and dynamic 3D visuals.

How far off are we from this being a reality? Five years? Ten years?

We’re already excited. Come to think of it, where can we pre-order our pairs of translating glasses?

We took a trip to our Hong Kong office and recruited some colleagues to create something fun with our original line of Paper Jamz Guitars.

The result is this super creative, rock star-calibre video.

We’re always on the lookout for fun, awe-inspiring videos that are worth sharing with our amazing fans.

Today’s video just also happens to terrify us a little bit.

Is there really any better way to start off this roller-coaster of a season – excuse our lame pun – than with this bit of camera work?

Note that he is filming this while riding alone… in the front seat…

Things get crazy around 1:40.

CAUTION: We suggest you don’t eat right before watching. If you suffer from motion sickness, this also may not be the best video for you.


If you’re looking for a cool tagging system this holiday season, we understand that it may be difficult to judge between options.

As such, when we found a fantastic rundown of both laser tag systems from Skurj – a well-known tagger – we had to share.

Here’s his conclusion:

This LTX vs Light Strike stuff is unsurprisingly just like every other subjective matter of opinion. Just like H&K vs Glock or like Honda vs Toyota. People will tend to prefer what they already have, rationalizing their purchase or their judgement or whatever. The good news is these are toys. They don’t need to protect our lives or support our livelihoods in any way. They just need to be fun, and both of these systems are super fun.

Check out the full blog post from The Hive Mind.

Happy tagging!