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We had an absolutely amazing time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, where apps and games really took the show by storm.

If you had a chance to visit us at the Wall of Apps, ShowStoppers or the Mobile Apps Showdown (we were a finalist!), then we hope you enjoyed the fun line of amplified reality games that we’re launching this Spring.

If you weren’t able to make it out, check out the following review and coverage direct from the event floor.

Wired: Video – Use Your Imagination, iDevice and AppGear for Augmented-Reality Gaming

LAS VEGAS — Kids have it so good these days. Sure, they can use their “imaginations” to play games, but now traditional fantasy play can be augmented by mobile devices for even more textured experiences…

PCMAG: WowWee AppGear Connects Game Apps with Toys

LAS VEGAS — There are tech toys and there are game apps, and back in the day never the twain should meet. Now WowWee hopes to change that with its launch at CES 2012 of AppGear, a collection of toys and free downloadable apps that are meant to work with your iOS or Android device to change up the gaming grid as we know it…

Mashable: Wowee AppGear App Includes Toy Fighter Plane That Amplifies Reality [VIDEO]

LAS VEGAS — WowWee rolled out AppGear, a line of iOS games that work with toy accessories. The one that caught our eye at CES 2012 was this cute little toy airplane that is part of a flight simulator game…

Consumer Reports: CES 2012 Video: WowWee AppGear

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, WowWee, which makes both robotics and digital toys, announced that it is launching a line of six toys called AppGear that combines virtual and real-world play…

CNET: Video

New York Times: WowWee Creates Games That Blend the Physical and Virtual Worlds

LAS VEGAS — At the International Consumer Electronics Show WowWee unveiled a previously announced line of toys it calls “Appcessories,” which are game pieces, collectable figures and toys that control games on Android or Apple devices…

When kids are given Paper Jamz Drums and Guitars for Christmas, the only logical thing to expect is a full-blown house party with rockstars.

We found these two amazing videos that perfectly captured that fun spirit.

This particular rock show was filmed around the Christmas tree — with some pretty well-dressed kids at that.

This video features the emergence of Theo and Noah onto the rock scene. Well done boys!

If you’ve been rocking out with your Paper Jamz Pro instrument, but have received ‘Driver Installation’ issues, then we have some how-to’s that will get you up and running in no time.

This issue has been identified on PC’s running several operating systems, so we have a variety of documents that will help you manually install the missing drivers required for the app.

Please select your operating system below and download the PDF. If you continue to have problems with your Paper Jamz driver, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or through our customer support team.

Manual Driver Installation (Windows XP) – PDF

Manual Driver Installation (Windows Vista) – PDF

Manual Driver Installation (Windows 7) – PDF

When we developed our Chatterbot™ line of computer accessories, we wanted to include some wacky characters that you could have sit by your monitor and interact with you while you work.

If you’re not familiar with the Chatterbot line, they are a line of collectable, highly stylized character figurines that always have something to say about what you are up to – and it’s not always appropriate!

One of our most outrageous character designs came from the minds of our California office.

Dubbed “The Fairy Godfather Chatterbot“, our designers immediately got a kick out of the concept and began illustrating their take on the wacky idea.

Here’s an illustration and the final product. Please note the perfectly pointed toes – 10/10 for technique.

AppGear is right around the corner and we’re gearin’ up for an amplified Spring — all puns intended.

Here’s a quick recap of some of the press we’ve received for this exciting lineup of amplified reality toys.

“I love it when a toy company takes play trends seriously and then creates an amazing product. As a family with 4 iPods, an Android smart phone and a tablet, apps are quite popular. “Mom can I buy this app?” is a phrase I’ve heard countless times.”

Techland Time
“It’s a familiar refrain among parents of young children: Kids don’t want to play with toys anymore because they’d rather play games on an iPad or a smartphone. Now, some toy makers are trying to adapt by fusing phone and tablet apps with store-bought toys. One of these companies, WowWee Toys, recently showed me some of their prototypes as part of a toy line they’re calling “App Gear.””

“WowWee, the company best known for its endless supply of adorable robot toys, is kicking off 2012 with something a little more virtual than visceral. AppGear combines actual physical toys with iOS and Android apps, like the launch title Foam Fighters. Each collectible, action figure or playset is paired with its own free, downloadable app that offers an augmented reality game or virtual way to interact with the toys.”

“After all, who doesn’t want to see their toys come to life? It looks like the Alien Jailbreak works by placing the alien jail toy in front of you and then shooting the aliens with an iOS or Android augmented reality application of some type.”

Today is the first Friday of the new year! Hope you haven’t broken your new years resolutions just yet :).

If you didn’t catch it, check out how London, England rang in the new year.

Things get crazy around the 2 minute mark.

As big fans of Muse, some of us – ok just me- have been itching to rock out to some of their hits.

While this did happen (and was not recorded *phew*), we thought we’d share this jam session with Kevin.

Artist: Muse
Song: Time is Running Out.
Guitar sound: Rectifier


When tasked with designing a robotic, mischievous dog, our designers came up with some pretty wacky illustrations.

After some discussions about which direction to take with the design, a general consensus was reached.

Wrex the Dawg™ would be WowWee’s take on a junkyard, “crosswired”, loveable pooch.

With hilarious “jackpot” eyes, a variety of expressive moods and a number of funky tricks, Wrex The Dawg began to take shape.

Below is an earlier design of Wrex, including his slot-machine eyes.