Toys of the Past Part 3

I started my journey into the past with my best friend Google…. And my adventure began in Ancient Greece.

Babies born in Ancient Greece had a difficult time surviving. Many died within the first few days of life and those who did survive were considered adults by the age of 12 and expected to marry and start a family of their own. To me, this was a terrifying thought… I am way past the age of 12 and still don’t see myself as an adult!

Although childhood in Ancient Greece was short lived, archeological records show the recovery of toys such as; dolls made of terracotta or wax, bows and arrows and yo-yo’s.

One of the earliest toys ever recorded is a mechanical puzzle, which originated from Ancient Greece in the 3rd Century BC. The game consisted of a square divided into 14 parts and the aim of the game was to create different shapes from these pieces. As you can see from the picture below… this was no easy feat!

Toys from Ancient Greece were made from materials found in nature like stone, wood, clay and grass. Each toy individually made by hand… a vast difference from how toys are made and produced today!

Would you have survived in Ancient Greece as a child with only a stick for a toy?

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