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I recently took an underwater adventure, where I swam above a coral reef, watched colorful fish swim by and held out my hand to touch the glittering scales, I listened to dolphins communicate with each other and watched as they jumped out of the water and danced on the waves. It was the most magical adventure, and no, I didn’t have to go to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to experience this … I did it all from the comfort of my desk at work.

I am writing this blog post as a woman who is way older than the desired age for ArtSee Studio™; a woman who spent a sufficient amount of time yesterday completely enthralled with the amazing drawing kit. ArtSee Studio™ is for children aged three plus, but I’m adamant adults will have a blast with it too!

ArtSee Studio™ lets kids be taken on an interactive journey of color, sound and motion. It’s an innovative drawing kit, which can transform simple drawings and paintings on any iPad® into animated games and activities.

Not only does ArtSee Studio™ give you the opportunity to turn a blank canvas into a Van Gogh-style masterpiece, it’s also packed with games and activities, which help enhance your child’s cognitive development.

For more information visit the ArtSee Studio™ website:

After hours, of fun with ArtSee Studio™, I would recommend it to everyone! Take a wild African safari, where you can mingle with the lions and giraffes or build a racetrack and imagine yourself as a Formula One driver… ArtSee Studio™ brings your imagination to life!

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