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As a kid I loved exploring. My friends and I would wander into the woods and fields on the outskirts of the small town where we lived, whether rain or shine, and go on mini adventures to see what treasures we could find.  Our nets would be out as will sifted through the dirt on the river bed, our mini shovels would dig holes under the trees… and we would go home with a small bag full of colored glass and smooth rocks thinking we’d be rich!

What would have happened if we’d found mysterious alien gun parts on our treasure hunt expeditions?

When the going gets tough and aliens invade your hometown, you don’t want to be one of those scared kids who runs and hides behind your mom and dad waiting for the trouble to pass over! You want to be on the front line of the action! Putting together those strange, mysterious gun parts you’ve found to battle those aliens and run them out of town!

You’ve got 9 mysterious raygun parts and more than 20 wacky combinations which you can use.  Maybe you’ll blast goo or lightening…. Or maybe you’ll have to try the various combinations and see what happens!

Have hours of fun over the holiday season battling aliens to save your hometown!

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In the spring of 2012 (May 19th to be precise) Appgear released their first title, Foam Fighters and since then have released a variety of games aimed to relieve boredom worldwide. The games have ranged from zombies battling human hordes, to aliens who have escaped and are taking over the galaxy… and more recently, Akodomon! Small creatures with big secrets which need YOU, the player, to help them discover the true nature of their powers.

Akodomon takes you on exciting quests where you can discover hidden regions and engage in epic battles to help restore peace to the land of Akodomon. Along your journey you can collect coins to spend in the shop and hunt for special gems, which give you new and special powers.

Each character has their own special skill, which attributes to all aspects of the adventure. Shara’s sword skills and fighting techniques are unmatched, Gongo is quick and nimble with a boomerang, strong willed Tiko has the slingshot, Snubbs uses his super long tongue with dexterity, Zira is amazingly fast and accurate with blow darts and Stig is powerful and fierce with a spear!

The land of Akodomon can’t find peace without your help! Do you think you can take on the challenge of raising and training your Akodomon?

Product Information: You can download Akodomon for free but in order to access the characters’ colossus power and the augmented reality you need to purchase the two-character game pack ( ).

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AppGear Game Akodomon Character Collage

Have you checked out the Light Strike Arena interactive video series? If so, you’ll want to visit the Vault, a sort of library for found items relating to the tournament. You’ll find event posters, letters from the league, news clippings, tactical field guides, and the voice diaries of Connor and Magnificent. Lots of tips and hints to be found here.

LSA Program

LSA Magnificent

Other Light Strike Arena artifacts – including behind-the-scenes pictures – can also be found at the Light Strike Facebook Page.

Take projection out of boardrooms and movie theaters and into any room. Play apps like Ping Pong Battle at full size…

Cinemin Slice is a portable pico projector that lovingly cradles and connects to your favorite multimedia devices, splashing your movies, videos, photos, games, and slides on to walls and ceilings, and caressing these enlarged images with rich stereo sound. Buy one now at WowWee Tech Shop.

Light Strike Virtual Armory

Light Strike Assault Strikers are fully customizable with built-in weapon features and add-on attachments that give players a tactical advantage on the battlefield. A great way to see this in action is to visit the Light Strike Virtual Armory, try out different configurations, and then test out its performance in a shooting range. Go to and click the “Visit the Armory” link. Fire away!

Butterfly's Flower Hunt

Lite Pets are Lite Sprites’ adorable forest friends who add a little more color to Lite-Topia. One of the Lite Pets is Butterfly and now you can help Butterfly hunt for flowers in an exciting mini-game found at Click on Butterfly’s Flower Hunt and then use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move around in the wind. But watch out for the thorns!