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Have you checked out the Light Strike Arena interactive video series? If so, you’ll want to visit the Vault, a sort of library for found items relating to the tournament. You’ll find event posters, letters from the league, news clippings, tactical field guides, and the voice diaries of Connor and Magnificent. Lots of tips and hints to be found here.

LSA Program

LSA Magnificent

Other Light Strike Arena artifacts – including behind-the-scenes pictures – can also be found at the Light Strike Facebook Page.

Light Strike Virtual Armory

Light Strike Assault Strikers are fully customizable with built-in weapon features and add-on attachments that give players a tactical advantage on the battlefield. A great way to see this in action is to visit the Light Strike Virtual Armory, try out different configurations, and then test out its performance in a shooting range. Go to and click the “Visit the Armory” link. Fire away!

WowWee Toy Shop

The WowWee Toy Shop is now open – just in time for your holiday toy shopping! Find this year’s hottest WowWee brands – Lite Sprites, Light Strike and Paper Jamz Pro – at this convenient online store. Shipping on orders over $70 is free (within the U.S.) and each order comes with special Woozworld rewards for the kids.

If web shopping isn’t your thing, these brands are also available at nearly all major retailers. Browse to find the product you’re looking for and then click the “Find Retailers” button to map out the store locations nearest you.

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Light Strike Arena

Meet James Connor. He’s a rookie in the Light Strike Arena league, the biggest competition that’s ever existed. Itʼs a secret competitive league that happens every day in empty warehouses, parks and rooftops all over the world – where teams of players come up with strategies for how to use Light Strike Strikers to engage each other in combat to see who the best players are.

As we follow him, we learn the rules and strategies to Light Strike, uncover the deeper secrets behind the Arena, and learn what it takes to be a champion in the hottest competition anywhere. Start with the video below and choose the direction of the story at the end of each scene. Be on the lookout for links to other pieces of the Light Strike Arena story.

Ready? OK, now enter the Arena…

Watch the product demo and check out the armory at

Light Strike brings video-game action into the real world—live and in color. Conquer individual challenges, play one-on-one or create the ultimate Light Strike battle with up to four teams of unlimited players. It’s action at the speed of light™. Here’s a demo video showing how it works…

Look for Light Strike Assault Strikers, attachments, Strikers, and targets at stores everywhere.

To watch other action-packed Light Strike videos visit the Light Strike YouTube channel.

WowWee toys have been winning awards and garnering high rankings all around the world this year. Here are some of the accolades that Lite Sprites, Light Strike and Paper Jamz have recently received…

Lite Sprites

  • 2011 Hot 20 Toys List – Toy Insider
  • Hottest Toys of 2011 – CNN
  • 2011 Top Toys Wish List –
  • Most Wanted Toy List 2011 – Time to Play
  • 2011 Toy of the Year – Belgium
  • 2011 KidExpo Grand Prize – France
  • Prix KIDEXPO 2011 – Selected as Toy of the Year by 300 kids
  • 2011 Hot 20 Toys List – Toy Insider
  • 2011 Top Toys Wish List -

Paper Jamz

  • 2010 Toyology Gold Award – UK
  • 2010 Grand Prix of Toys – Toy of the Year France (Grand Prix du Jouet de l’année)
  • 2010 Nuremberg Toy Fair Innovation Award

Visit the awards archives at for a complete list including past products like Robosapien, Alive Baby Animals and FlyTech Dragonfly.