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I have to admit; I don’t know much about Valentines Day… Apart from the fact that it falls on February 14th and women like me, love to receive flowers and chocolates or if I’m really lucky, a meal and night out on the town.

I decided to conduct some research into this popular holiday and discovered that Valentines Day is named after Saint Valentinus, who according to popular legend; was imprisoned for performing the weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry by order of Emperor Claudius II.  The other legend (which I prefer) suggests that an imprisoned Valentinus actually sent the first ‘Valentine’ greeting after he fell in love with a girl while he was in confinement (Apparently the daughter of the prison guard).

Why has no one made this into a movie?

Valentines Day is a ‘top event’ on the retail calendar, with the rise in spending increasing each year. The average US consumer will spend $116.21 on Valentines gifts, meals and entertainment and 32% of consumers plan to do their Valentine’s Day shopping online. Last year, iPhone and iPad accounted for 10.4% of mobile retail traffic, which is a drastic increase on last year.

Why not try something different this Valentine’s Day? For the game loving men and women you want to surprise on the 14th, how about giving them the gift of ‘gaming on the go’ with our range of AppGear products? Or treating the little ones in your life to a brand new ArtSee Studio so they don’t feel left out?

What’s the best Valentine’s gift you have received?

Valentines heart for WowWee Blog Post


You know the holiday season is fast approaching when Black Friday is tomorrow!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday? What are they? I hear you say. Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are marketing terms used to signify the Friday before Thanksgiving and the Monday after. Both terms were created to help persuade people to shop online. They made their debut into the marketing world in November 2005 and Cyber Monday is now one of the biggest online shopping days of the year!

As soon as Halloween is over, companies start gearing up for the final push leading to the most important online shopping weekend of the year. Preparing promotions, discounts and offers to help draw people in.

WowWee is ahead of the game this year and have decided to give you holiday promotions early! Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be the official holiday discount days, but we are giving you the opportunity to purchase a variety of our products at a discounted price before (and after) the top two shopping days of the year!

We have a little something for everyone the family… Paper Jamz guitars for those who want to grow up to be rock stars or for those adults who are children at heart, the blast from the past Robosapien and Roboraptor for those hardcore WowWee fans, as well as a deal on our two most popular AppGear games; buy Elite CommandAR and get Akodomon FREE!

Check out our store to see what else we have to offer!

Riley knows a thing or two about the way toys are marketed to boys and girls, and she’s not about to conform to the standard.

We think she’s got a great head on her shoulders. What do you think?

Late last week, we stumbled upon a hilarious Ad for a snowblower.

At the time, it had reached ~85,000 (already an impressive feat), but over the weekend it has snowballed (excuse the pun) and garnered well over 350,000 views.

Here’s an excerpt:

This isn’t some entry level snow blower that is just gonna move the snow two feet away. This is an 11 HP Briggs and Stratton machine of snow doom that will cut a 29 inch path of pure ecstasy. And it’s only 4 years old. I dare you to find a harder working 4 year old. My niece is five and she gets tired and cranky after just a few minutes of shoveling. This guy just goes and goes and goes.

It really is a must-read. Click here for the Ad.

If you braved the stores for Black Friday, we commend you. Hopefully you’ve recovered from any bruised elbows squished toes and have set your sights on a click-crazy Cyber Monday tomorrow.

As always, there are plenty of deals to be had, and as long as your Internet provider can keep up with you, you’re sure to cash in on some sweet gifts for the holiday season.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most recent reviews on WowWee toys – if you need that little extra convincing ;).

Lite Sprites – Not Just For Girls

Light Strike – Light Strike Assault Striker and Accessories Pack

Paper Jamz Pro – A Star in the Making?

You can also check out the WowWee Toy Shop for some great bundles.

Good luck!

Happy Monday!

An eventful weekend is just ahead of us with US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and finally Cyber Monday.

Will you be joining the masses to get some of your holiday shopping out of the way?

Here’s a quick Light Strike review we saw over the weekend that might help your decision process.

If you happen to brave the malls this weekend, be sure to pack your elbow pads!

“I could talk about these for ages as they are all flashy lights, fabulous sound systems and the only thing we were missing to make it a fully fledged laser tag type set up was the jackets. I can see the jackets being on the Xmas list this year. The boys were over the moon to be playing with this set, and I don’t blame them. Flashing lights, pretend guns and safe targets lets them play at superheroes and cops and robbers all day.”


Scottish Mum Blog

WowWee Toy Shop

The WowWee Toy Shop is now open – just in time for your holiday toy shopping! Find this year’s hottest WowWee brands – Lite Sprites, Light Strike and Paper Jamz Pro – at this convenient online store. Shipping on orders over $70 is free (within the U.S.) and each order comes with special Woozworld rewards for the kids.

If web shopping isn’t your thing, these brands are also available at nearly all major retailers. Browse to find the product you’re looking for and then click the “Find Retailers” button to map out the store locations nearest you.

And if you’re looking for a great gift for mom, dad or your resident college grad, swing by WowWee Tech Shop for a Cinemin multimedia pico projector.