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We’re not sorry that LMFAO are party rocking with Foam Fighters in their new video for “Sorry for Party Rocking.” Check out Shuffle Bot attacking enemy ships around the 1:50 mark.

[Get more info about Foam Fighters and the rest of the AppGear line on the official site, Facebook or Twitter.]

With our Light Strike laser-tag system and our color-sharing Lite Sprites dolls, it’s obvious that WowWee likes, well… light. So, it’s no surprise this video by photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton was making the rounds in our office today. It’s a simple premise–send a snowboarder down the slopes wearing an LED-covered suit–that creates a trippy, ethereal dreamscape.

Sutton said about the project: “I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness [...] I’ve always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.”

[Via Nowness] has published the first video of AppGear at Toy Fair 2012 in New York City.

Here’s what they’re saying about our new product line that merges collectible toys and app games:

“WowWee’s AppGear is looking to make a name for itself in the appcessory games category, and it certainly looks like the company is off to a good start. AppGear took home Toy Fair 2012′s Best New App Toy award, and its various games use augmented reality and physical toys to create a unique gameplay experience.”

Check out their video of Foam Fighters to see how you can take to the skies with WWII fighter planes for immersive aerial combat.

What an enjoyable Grammy show this past Sunday!

There were some notable moments and performances during the festivities.

Here are our top three:

1. The tribute to the late Whitney Houston performed by Jennifer Hudson was show-stopping. Her stirring cover of ‘I Will Always Love You’ brought the house to tears and silence and might have been the moment of the Grammys.

2. The supremely talented Adele swept the top Grammys available and delivered an amazing performance of her hit song ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Ever humble, Adele is a great example of perseverance and dedication and is bucking the trend of female ‘pop’ singers. Unbelievable voice and a very worthy winner.

3. They only had 60 seconds to make an impression, and they definitely left their mark. Twitter was set ablaze with mentions of @thecivilwars and their amazing sound. If you’re unfamiliar, check out the video below of their Grammy award winning hit ‘Barton Hollow’.

What were your favorite moments of the 54th annual Grammys?

The biggest game of the year has come and gone, and the ending couldn’t have been more exciting.

For many, it isn’t the game itself that draws them to their television, rather the incredibly expensive and highly-touted commercials that sandwich the tackles, interceptions and touchdowns.

Superbowl XLVI provided some creative ones no doubt. We always love looking for entertaining, fun and inspiring ads that are share-worthy.

Here are our top three favorites from this year:

1. Budweiser Flash Fans

2. Sketchers Mr. Quiggly

3. Chevy Sonic Stunt Anthem

What were your favorite ads?

Happy Monday friends!

Today, we thought we’d throw it back old school and dig up one of our awesome legacy toys – Roboquad!

Roboquad burst on to the scene in 2007 and is an inquisitive animated robot with unique multi-directional movement capabilities and advanced sensory awareness. Featuring multi-colored flashing lights and techno sound effects, Roboquad is the first true robotic arthropod.

With cool sensory features such as Flinch Response (if an object approaches his scanner very quickly he will react, according to his aggression level) and a Sound Sensor (reacts to sounds and scans for nearest object when disturbed), Roboquad is an incredibly interactive robot.

Check out this 2007 video from CES with Roboquad’s inventor Mark Tilden!

We wish we could take credit for that amazing title, but all respect goes out to New York’s live electronic musician AfroDJMac.

He – along with his Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar – has put together a pretty cool sampling of JBieb’s tunes through some skillful audio manipulation.

You can read more about his project here, along with some of his other work.

Watch below for his instructional video of the project. If you want to listen to the final version, skip ahead to ~10:15.

Classify this one under ‘Electro Bieber Fever’! ;)

There are 13 different guitar voices on Paper Jamz Pro Guitars and they are all available to sync to your guitar through the Paper Jamz Pro App.

In this video, Brandon, Chris and Kevin show you each guitar voice — from Garage, to Nervous Synth, to Robot Revolution!