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Lite Sprites live in Lite-Topia, an enchanted land that sparkles with color and light. With a Lite Wand, you can magically collect color from almost anywhere and share it with Lite Sprites and their world. Here’s a demo video showing the magic…

Lite Sprites includes the Lite Wand, the Sprite Sisterhood (Prisma, Meadow, Brooke, Astra, and Bleak), the Tree of Lite and other playsets, and the adorable Lite Pets.

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Light Strike brings video-game action into the real world—live and in color. Conquer individual challenges, play one-on-one or create the ultimate Light Strike battle with up to four teams of unlimited players. It’s action at the speed of light™. Here’s a demo video showing how it works…

Look for Light Strike Assault Strikers, attachments, Strikers, and targets at stores everywhere.

To watch other action-packed Light Strike videos visit the Light Strike YouTube channel.