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I have to admit; I don’t know much about Valentines Day… Apart from the fact that it falls on February 14th and women like me, love to receive flowers and chocolates or if I’m really lucky, a meal and night out on the town.

I decided to conduct some research into this popular holiday and discovered that Valentines Day is named after Saint Valentinus, who according to popular legend; was imprisoned for performing the weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry by order of Emperor Claudius II.  The other legend (which I prefer) suggests that an imprisoned Valentinus actually sent the first ‘Valentine’ greeting after he fell in love with a girl while he was in confinement (Apparently the daughter of the prison guard).

Why has no one made this into a movie?

Valentines Day is a ‘top event’ on the retail calendar, with the rise in spending increasing each year. The average US consumer will spend $116.21 on Valentines gifts, meals and entertainment and 32% of consumers plan to do their Valentine’s Day shopping online. Last year, iPhone and iPad accounted for 10.4% of mobile retail traffic, which is a drastic increase on last year.

Why not try something different this Valentine’s Day? For the game loving men and women you want to surprise on the 14th, how about giving them the gift of ‘gaming on the go’ with our range of AppGear products? Or treating the little ones in your life to a brand new ArtSee Studio so they don’t feel left out?

What’s the best Valentine’s gift you have received?

Valentines heart for WowWee Blog Post


“In the movies they were taught the good guys always win….”

On Thursday 19th July 2012 AppGear released the long awaited augmented reality game; Elite CommandAR.

What is augmented reality? I hear some of you say….  Augmented reality aims to duplicate the environment around you in a computer (or in our case an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Android Device). It combines the real scene (as viewed by the user) and a virtual scene generated by a computer.

“Those who survived crawled out of the rubble that was once a house, a city, a country… “

Elite CommandAR turns your world into a digital battlefield.

Playing Elite CommandAR will immerse your physical self into a virtual mission.  You will be using the AR markers included with the game to take out and defeat the alien invaders who are sneaking through the portal from their world into yours. You will need to use your intelligence, wit and cunning to fight for the survival of the planet…. Your family, your friends, everyone you know…

“Using scavenged alien technology, we built a cybernetically enhanced suit to put one fighter on equal footing with the Vorosins.

And that marine is…you”.

Elite Commandar

Do you think you can complete the mission? Save the planet?

Get Elite CommandAR here and let us know what you think!


Comic-Con is a huge event and takes place every year in San Diego. It’s a comic and arts convention, which features comic books (obviously… hence the title of the event!), games, art, movies and special guests. It’s a chance for fans from across the world to congregate under one roof, dress as their favorite comic/movie characters and participate in some celebrity sight seeing for days on end…. And this year AppGear had the chance to participate as a special guest!

Thousands of people flooded through the AppGear games truck, which was parked in Petco Park Parking Lot outside the Comic-Con main entrance.

Dedicated pilots fighting in historic battles, hungry and tired zombies fighting off hordes of angry humans, elite commanders saving the earth from a fierce race of bloodthirsty aliens and everyone trying to stop those pesky little green aliens from escaping! The AppGear team and fans gathered together in extraordinary fashion for an event to remember.

AppGear fans had the chance to try our latest augmented reality app toys as well as have sneak peeks into future releases. Cash prizes were given and battles were won!

It was 4 days of fun-tastic mayhem and the AppGear team loved every minute of it!

Did you see us at Comic-Con? If so, post your stories on our Facebook page and let us know all about your AppGear experiences.

This little guy has got some seriously sweet moves. Putting away the dishes may get you brownie points with mom and dad… but dancing up a storm gets you serious respect from the YouTube masses!

We saw this and loved his enthusiasm and creativity.

Sometimes, we all just need to zone in and dance like no one is watching.

Do your kids have any fun, quirky things that they like to do?

We’re always on the lookout for fun, awe-inspiring videos that are worth sharing with our amazing fans.

Today’s video just also happens to terrify us a little bit.

Is there really any better way to start off this roller-coaster of a season – excuse our lame pun – than with this bit of camera work?

Note that he is filming this while riding alone… in the front seat…

Things get crazy around 1:40.

CAUTION: We suggest you don’t eat right before watching. If you suffer from motion sickness, this also may not be the best video for you.


Butterfly's Flower Hunt

Lite Pets are Lite Sprites’ adorable forest friends who add a little more color to Lite-Topia. One of the Lite Pets is Butterfly and now you can help Butterfly hunt for flowers in an exciting mini-game found at Click on Butterfly’s Flower Hunt and then use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move around in the wind. But watch out for the thorns!