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Bleak was a fun Sprite to create, as she embodies the exact opposites of her sisters — color vs. no color, playful and fun vs. michevious and naughty.

While still very much part of the Sisterhood, Bleak has a bit of an edge to her, which is depicted below in one of our artist’s early illustrations.

Do you think this early version of Bleak accurately displays her mischievous nature?

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When designing the special Lite Wand, our superb artists wanted to ensure that it conveyed a fun sense of magic and nature.

We wanted to have the Lite Wand look like it fit perfectly Lite-Topia, and carry a magical quality to make it really stand out.

Here are some early concept illustrations from our designers.

What do you think? Do you feel the magical qualities in the Lite Wand?

When tasked with designing a robotic, mischievous dog, our designers came up with some pretty wacky illustrations.

After some discussions about which direction to take with the design, a general consensus was reached.

Wrex the Dawg™ would be WowWee’s take on a junkyard, “crosswired”, loveable pooch.

With hilarious “jackpot” eyes, a variety of expressive moods and a number of funky tricks, Wrex The Dawg began to take shape.

Below is an earlier design of Wrex, including his slot-machine eyes.

The idea of the Lite Sprites and their world of Lite-Topia originated from the simple ability of color-transfer.

From this amazing new technology, came the sisterhood of the five Sprites and their ability to shape their world of color in Lite-Topia.

The sisters themselves went through many design modifications and have come very far from their original embodiments.

Here’s a look at an earlier stage of illustration. Can you note the differences from their final conception?

Note: Bleak will be included in an upcoming post!

One of our super-talented toy designers (Benny) gave us the inside-scoop on some of his sketch books dating back several years.

What we found inside these gems was a mix of product concepts, toy design ideas, character sketches and loads of fun drawings. Let’s just say that we ended up taking a good afternoon flipping through them in awe.

It’s time like this I wish I could draw more than a stick-figure and accompanying smiley face.  :D->-<

Anyways, enough about my lack of design talent, take a look below at Benny and the team’s inspiration for Roboraptor™.

From the man himself:

“Our inspiration was based on the ‘cool factor’ of a T-REX and Velociraptor and the robotic enhancements that could make it that much more intimidating. So, we took a predatory dinosaur shape and infused it with a robotic metal skeleton. Ultimately, we wanted to create a bionic dinosaur (think the Terminator of dinosaurs), by adding elements of technology while maintaining the fierce nature of this prehistoric beast.”