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Spring is around the corner and we’re feeling great about it, so why not share the joy!

Cinemin Slice, one of our awesome pico projectors, has been the talk of the town and we’re extending a special offer for $50 OFF one of these sweet gadgets on our Tech Shop.

Simply enter the code ‘50offslice‘ and benefit from taking projection out of boardrooms and movie theaters and into any room.

Slice connects – plug and play – to pretty much any media player. Dock an iPad or iPhone and interact with your games and apps in a whole new way. Or plug in your laptop to supersize its desktop.

Slice has picked up some extensive media coverage, so here’s a taste to help show you how cool this really is:

Engadget: WowWee Cinemin Slice takes the pico out of your pocket

Wired: Pico Projectors for Presentations on the Fly

The Globe and Mail: Cinemin Slice turns iPad into 60-inch screen

It’s not every day you get to see talk-show host Kelly Ripa dive-bomb her audience with a fighter plane, but Foam Fighters has that effect on people. The Foam Fighters segment starts about 4 minutes into the clip.

[Check out Foam Fighters and the rest of the AppGear line on the official site, Twitter or Facebook.]

With our Light Strike laser-tag system and our color-sharing Lite Sprites dolls, it’s obvious that WowWee likes, well… light. So, it’s no surprise this video by photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton was making the rounds in our office today. It’s a simple premise–send a snowboarder down the slopes wearing an LED-covered suit–that creates a trippy, ethereal dreamscape.

Sutton said about the project: “I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness [...] I’ve always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.”

[Via Nowness]

Cinemin Swap – used to connect a digital source, such as most laptops and netbooks to a Cinemin Slice or Swivel – has been a difficult find recently.

As such, we have two great alternatives for you should you want to connect your device sooner rather than later.

We’ve split these solutions up into two parts: The easy, convenient method and the slightly more complicated, but cheaper method.

Option 1

This all-in-one Mini DisplayPort | ThunderBolt to TV RCA Composite Video and S-Video Converter replicates the functions of the Cinemin Swap. It’s easy to use, but is more expensive.

Option 2

This requires the assembly of two cables.

The VGA to TV RCA AV 3 Adapter Cable (attached to your computer)

and the 3 RCA AV Video Cable

This cable connects to the included RCA to single jack cable in your Cinemin Slice or Swivel box.

This solution is slightly more complicated (due to the connection of several wires), however is much more cost efficient.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to get you back to projecting asap!

We had an absolute blast working with creative studio School of Humans on our Light Strike Arena series.

Here’s a snippet from their post on the exciting adventure with Light Strike:

“Check out our awesome new animated and interactive web series, Light Strike Arena, which we created around the newly-launched Light Strike Assault Strikers by WowWee. This is a multifaceted web adventure. Since the video is interactive, viewers are able to choose the direction of the story at the end of each segment. Plus, we’ve also created an entire transmedia experience around the story, which will be launching over the next couple of weeks. So keep following the story as it unfolds on Facebook.”

Don’t forget to check out the Light Strike Arena Vault, where you’ll find Connor’s diary entries, Magnificent’s voice portal and much, much more!

After filling up on scrumptious holiday meals, a great way to transform that energy into something totally awesome is to grab a few friends or family members and crank out an impromptu jam session.

That’s exactly what Sydney, Brandon and Chris did for their rendition of ‘Forget You’ by Cee Lo Green.

Each person downloaded the same song on to their Paper Jamz Pro instrument and started the song at the same time in order to be in sync.

Check it out and enjoy!

After deliberating over the entries and taking into account the votes, we have selected a winner of our Light Strike Fan Contest.

A BIG congrats to Drew Campbell and his awesome Light Strike Adventure video.

He takes the grand prize of $1000!

Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our contests.

Here’s the winning entry:

This video from Ben Spark gives you a fantastic look at how much fun the Paper Jamz Pro Microphone can be. Whether it’s a concert, or a talk show, the Paper Jamz Pro Mic adds a touch of fun and creativity to your day.

There’s also a superb demo of how to sync your songs with the Paper Jamz Pro App.

Thanks Drew and Eva!

Eva is loving the Paperjamz microphone. We even downloaded some of our own songs to the mic so that she could sing what she likes whenever she wants. Eva does love to sing so we are hearing more from this microphone every day.

The entries are in, and we’ve got some seriously entertaining videos for our Light Strike Video Contest.

Visit the Light Strike Facebook page to place your vote on your favorite video.

Here’s an synopsis of each video!

Entry 1: An exciting science fiction adventure featuring a young woman in mortal peril! Armed only with her Light Strike Assault Striker, she must fight her way out of a nightmare!

Entry 2: This is an epic battle of two renegades going against unimaginable odds!

View the entries!

Happy Monday!

An eventful weekend is just ahead of us with US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and finally Cyber Monday.

Will you be joining the masses to get some of your holiday shopping out of the way?

Here’s a quick Light Strike review we saw over the weekend that might help your decision process.

If you happen to brave the malls this weekend, be sure to pack your elbow pads!

“I could talk about these for ages as they are all flashy lights, fabulous sound systems and the only thing we were missing to make it a fully fledged laser tag type set up was the jackets. I can see the jackets being on the Xmas list this year. The boys were over the moon to be playing with this set, and I don’t blame them. Flashing lights, pretend guns and safe targets lets them play at superheroes and cops and robbers all day.”


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